National Paralympic Day, September 2013

At the weekend, I was a spectator at the Copper Box in Stratford, London as part of the National Paralympic Day 2013. I arrived promptly despite getting lost trying to find Stratford International Station platform at Stratford DLR Station. I must have given DLR staff a good laugh :)  I met some nice people from […]

Bionic Man at the Science Museum, London

I watched the programme and decided to view the Bionic Man at the Science Museum. I really enjoyed the exhibit showing nanotechnology at its best. It reminded me of a precursor of the film, Re-po man with Jude Law. A must-see exhibit and also Watson and Crick’s DNA model and Hodgkin’s Vitamin B12 model (clearly […]

Bletchley Park

I visited the English Heritage site, Bletchley Park about 2 weekends ago. It was absolutely fascinating to see the various code-breaking and cipher machines on display, a real privilege. A place I would recommend anyone to visit to learn about Alan Turing et al and full of history too There is so much to see

Animal Inside Out Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London

Yesterday, I visited the Natural History Museum in London to view an exhibition called ‘Animal Inside Out’. This exhibition showed many domestic and a few wild animals, all ethically sourced in various poses using the patented technique, plastination. It was really enjoyable and fascinating to see a camel with its head in 3 different positions […]

Pathways UK at the Horniman Museum, London

Yesterday, I went on a training session called ‘Get Debating’. This session was run by people from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and @pathwaysuk via the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London. The venue was superb in an area called ‘The Pavillion’ and the hospitality etc was really relaxing and very welcoming.  I was very lucky to be part […]

Field trips dilemma

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Everyone remembers their field trips….mine were great….Pyke House, Battle….oh what fun and times we had. There are so many ways to attend a field trip nowadays, DVD, CD, Virtual plus the reality, which one do you prefer? I have experienced all of them and as long as I learned something then thats what counts. It […]